Universal USB Cable Fits Every iPhone, iPad, iPod

Also charges your BlackBerry phone, GPS device, you name it

The people at Innergie have come up with a cool accessory that should eliminate some of your wire-caused clutter by building three USB connections into one. Care to see how they did it? Read on.

The idea pretty simple (though I’m sure it’s not as easy to envision without seeing it done first). It's an interchangeable USB charging cable with multiple tips that overlap one-another via a Russian Nesting Doll style connection.

The first two connections are micro-USB and mini-USB. The final connection is a 40-pin connector that matches your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. The ‘Magic Cable Trio’ is designed to charge everything from your mp3 player and GPS unit to your BlackBerry or iPhone handset. There’s a Duo version that sells for the same price ($19.99) and lacks mini-USB.

Visit Innergie here to examine it closer, or to place your order.

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