UPS Guy Steals Girl’s iPad mini After FedEx Delivery Updated

The Christmas spirit is not exactly something this UPS employee values

‘Tis the season to be jolly, they say, but one father in the United States may not be in the mood to forgive after catching UPS on tape stealing his daughter’s iPad mini.

Here’s the story. A father decided to get his daughter an iPad mini so he ordered one in time for Christmas. As FedEx dispatched the truck on Wednesday, the father realized he couldn’t be home in time to pick up the package, so he filled in a pre-signed delivery form allowing the package to be left on his porch.

So far so good. FedEx delivers the goods but then a while later UPS arrives with a different package. The UPS guy also leaves the package by the front door but also takes a peek at the FedEx box.

After carefully reading the label (which gave away what was in the box), he left, only to come back minutes later to pick up the iPad mini. Unaware that he was being taped, he then fled the scene.

Some commenters on Vimeo seem to believe it was a mistake on behalf of the UPS guy, though that’s hardly the case, going by the footage. Needless to point out, the UPS staffer could face prison time if the father decides to press charges.

Update: the video has been removed by Vimeo. The reasons are unknown at this time. Here's a YouTube link for those of you who haven't seen it yet. This one might also go down soon.

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