U.S. Apple Stores Are Now Stocking LTE 4th-Gen iPads

Staff instructed to wait until they receive word from the mothership to kick off sales

Brick-and-mortar Apple stores throughout North America are now stocking the cellular versions of the fourth-generation iPad with Retina display. Store managers have been instructed to hold off sales until they receive word from the Cupertino giant’s top brass.

9to5mac has received word from its sources that “Apple has begun stocking its U.S.-based retail stores with LTE versions of the fourth-generation iPad.”

According to the same sources, store managers have received instructions from up above to wait until Apple’s corporate offices give the green light for sales.

As the news broke out, rumors were already circulating about a potential Friday launch of the cellular-capable iPads, but no confirmation has been provided.

Now it seems more likely that tomorrow is the day when Apple fans in America can get their mitts on the LTE iPad 4, in-store.

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