Twitterrific 5 Gets WiFi Streaming

Update adds support for viewing images in direct messages

One of the most used Twitter clients on iOS, Twitterrific 5 has received an uber update sporting live streaming of timelines over WiFi and a lot of other cool stuff.

Users looking to get live streaming of timelines can enable the option in the settings, but there are numerous other new features to enjoy in this release.

These include list management, the ability to add/remove lists and users from lists, a new option to edit list details and privacy settings, an option to create new lists, added support for viewing images in direct messages, and more. Plus, you can now copy discussions from the share menu.

Some improvements have been made to existing features, like custom timeline links opening in the built-in browser, performance enhancements throughout the app, etc. A list of bug fixes is also available on the App Store for who’s interested. Download Twitterrific 5 for Twitter on any iOS 7.0 device.

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