Tweetbot OS X Gets “All Tweets” Notifications

Keyboard shortcuts for Read Later and Email Tweet, and more

The latest version of Tweetbot is so beefed up it might just finally justify the app’s $19.99 / €17.99  price tag for the first time since its release.

Users who update to version 1.1 get a bunch of global hotkeys for show/hide and new tweets, an “All Tweets” notification preference on Mountain Lion, the ability to pin other non-streaming columns to the top (searches, lists, etc), support for visual sync marker, as well as keyboard shortcuts for Read Later and Email Tweet.

Tweetbot 1.1 also adds an auto-refresh function for Trends (if used in a column), and clicking menu bar item rows will now open the main window. Tapbots also says that “Moom and Tweetbot are now better friends.”

A truckload of tweaks and fixes is also included (check them all out in the release notes).

Download Tweetbot for Mac

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