Tumblr Is Now a Native iOS App – Download Version 3.2 Now

Completely redesigned Dashboard, new notification previews and gestures, more

Tumblr is happy to announce a native experience for iOS customers. The formerly web-centric client now features animations and swiping gestures, and a completely redesigned Dashboard.

“We're so thrilled to tell you that our app is now completely native! Get ready for a faster, smoother, and more responsive Tumblr Dashboard,” says the company.

The Dashboard shows bigger photos now and loads posts faster. New notification previews allow you to see exactly which posts were liked, reblogged, or replied to, and new blog screens show blog portraits and descriptions.

Animated photos known as GIFs will now play automatically on your Dashboard, and you can slide your finger across the image to view frame by frame.

Finally, you can swipe right on any screen to go back to the previous view, as well as long-tap photos, links, tags, and post headers to bring up new services. The app is compatible with all iDevices that support iOS 5.0 or later, and iPhone 5 users will enjoy a full-screen experience.

Download Tumblr iOS (Free)

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