Tor Browser Updated with "Heartbleed" Fix

Update brings OpenSSL architecture to version 1.0.1g on Mac, Windows, Linux

The Tor Project has announced the release of an updated beta version of its browser bundle which enables users to surf the web anonymously and now includes a patch for the widely-reported Heartbleed security flaw discovered in OpenSSL, the open-source implementation of the SSL and TLS protocols.

In addition to packing OpenSSL to 1.0.1g, Tor Browser Bundle 3.6 Beta 2 adds Turkish language support, updates fte transport to 0.2.12 and NoScript to, updates Torbutton to, fixes improper "update needed" message after in-place upgrade, and eases up translation of about:tor page elements. Tor Launcher has been updated to

The browser report a bootstrap error if all bridges are unreachable and prevents spurious error messages prior to enabling the network. Keep in mind that this is a beta, which means there’s a good chance of you finding bugs. The Tor Project wouldn’t mind if you reported those bugs to them, of course.

The requirements remain unchanged for everyone, so if you’re serious about the security of your web browsing, download the new Tor Browser Bundle with the Heartbleed fix at the links below.

Download Tor Browser Bundle 3.6 Beta 2 for Mac OS X

Download Tor Browser Bundle 3.6 Beta 2 for Windows

Download Tor Browser Bundle 3.6 Beta 2 for Linux

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