Tim Cook on a Potential HDTV from Apple – “We Continue to Pull the String”

Apple’s CEO remains mum on the company’s plans to make a foray in the TV space

Rumored for years to introduce a full-fledged television solution, Apple continues to experiment with its Apple TV set-top box which the company labels as a hobby.

However, with 2 million units sold just this past quarter, the puck-sized black box is anything but a toy.

During yesterday’s conference call, Apple CEO Tim Cook told analyst Gene Munster that the Apple TV “remains a key area of interest” for the Cupertino giant.

Munster, a well-known researcher working with investment bank Piper Jaffray, is the biggest supporter of the Apple HDTV theory.

Cook told Munster that he wished he had more to say in this area. Throwing analysts a bone, he said, “There’s a lot we can contribute to the space. We continue to pull the string and see where it leads,” a statement the CEO had previously offered when faced with similar inquiries.

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