Tim Cook Visits Palo Alto Hospital While Apple Talks to Insurance Companies for HealthKit Partnerships

Apple's future HealthBook may already be integrated in Palo Alto's high-tech hospital

With iOS 8 just around the corner, Apple is taking small steps in insuring they have more and more partners for Health.app and the HealthKit API.
Tim Cook himself visited the veterans hospital in Palo Alto. The medical facility located in the middle of Silicon Valley prides itself in being one of the top institutions when it comes to using technology. Apple's CEO tweeted after the visit that he was honored to meet doctors and veterans, among others, because they are using iPads to help and treat Veterans and their families. 
He also posted a picture of himself with a girl using an iPad, and two other unknown people. Anna G. Eschoo describes herself on her official Twitter account as a ranking member of the Communications and Technology. Both her and the Veteran Affairs hospital were mentioned in Tim Cook's tweet and they thanked Apple's big chief for his involvement. 
Another report by Bloomberg explains how Apple is trying to convince new partners to join their HealthKit APIs and provide or accept data for their patients. The cited source mentioned the tech giant sent its messengers to UnitedHealth, the biggest US insurer and Humana, another big player in that market. 
Apple will introduce HealthKit along with iOS 8. The APIs can be included in any app and provide information to a centralized server and from there to the doctors or health insurance companies. As expected, the data is secure and the user is in control.

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