This Is What the iWatch Should Look Like

A svelte wristband with a portable computer attached to it

They call it the “iWatch,” but few actually believe Apple’s rumored wearable device is a watch. If the rumors are true, the device is everything but a watch.

While any personal computer / media player / tablet has a built-in time keeping feature, Apple’s iWatch shouldn’t be any different. But the clock feature should be something of a screen-saver / wallpaper on this thing.

And if the Cupertino company really does have a hundred people working on the device, it’s most certainly coming out soon. With that in mind, we’re left imagining only what it could look like.

Of all the concepts floating around the web, I find myself stuck to this image (above). Produced by Esben Oxholm, this iWatch Design Concept begs to be turned into the real thing. It even supports the bendable glass rumor.

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