This iPhone App Adjusts Your HDTV’s Image Quality

THX tune-up also works with projectors, speakers, and other entertainment systems

THX tune-up is a new iOS application that offers custom video test patterns, an assortment of photos and tutorials, as well as test sounds to help you adjust and confirm the best picture settings on your HDTV.

THX Ltd. says its tune-up app is completely interactive and that it allows you to tweak settings at your own pace and in any order you wish. You’ll need an iPad 2 (or later) or iPhone 4 (or later) and a Digital AV Adapter and HDMI cable to connect to your display or sound system.

AirPlay (through Apple TV) is also supported, in which case you needn’t fiddle with wires anymore. THX tune-up also lets you adjust your speakers “to make sure they are working in phase and are connected properly for 2-channel stereo or 5.1 surround sound systems,” according to the developers.

Pretty neat stuff! The app is also free.

Download THX tune-up iOS (Free)

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