This Pistol iPhone Case Is the Most Ridiculous Thing Ever

Beating the purpose of a case, this accessory should at least pack a battery

There have been some ridiculous iPhone cases released over the years, but they all succumb to the flashiness of the “Pistol Style Protective Plastic Case for iPhone 5.”

And I mean that in the worst way possible. Just look at it.

For each key feature touted by the makers, I can easily come up with one or more disappointments.

It’s supposed to replicate copper, but it’s made of cheap plastic.

It’s meant to protect your iPhone from dings and scratches, but what you’ll end up with is a half-protected iPhone which looks like if it’s been hanging out from a pistol case… or something.

It’s said to give you more personality. Sure, if you don’t mind explaining yourself to the cops every time you pull this thing out in a public place.

Since it takes up three times more space than the phone itself, why not slide in a battery too? If you’re going to be ridiculous on purpose, you deserve at least twice as much battery life.

You couldn’t pay me enough to use it once, let alone spend $16.20 / €12.47 to have it.

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