“This Is Why You Don't Buy an iPad from Walmart”

And you probably won’t, knowing they staff such animals

While geeks break iPads for scientific reasons, a bunch of bored/lame dudes in Pikeville, Kentucky did it to get fired from their already low-paid jobs at Walmart.

Embedded above is a video that managed to rack up 46,766 views in less than a day simply for depicting utter ignorance towards the finely crafted Apple iPad.

The heavy-bearded protagonist can be heard saying “This is why you don't buy an iPad from Walmart.” As he turns the camera around to record the tossing of several iPad boxes, one of his colleagues seems to whisper “there’s nothing in them.”

Some boxes are literally smashed to the ground in what is a clear intention to damage the device that’s supposedly housed inside.

We sure hope actor #2 spoke the truth about the contents of those packages. Either way, their boss probably caught wind of their deeds and is showing them to the exit as you’re reading these lines.

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