This Is What Apple’s iPhone 5 Should Look Like

Stunning photo gallery depicts a plausible iPhone 5 design

If all the rumors are correct, Apple’s next-generation iPhone should look a lot like the concept design by Antoine Brieux, who envisions a unibody Liquidmetal chassis, a larger screen, an embedded SIM card, and more such technicalities.

Brieux’s iPhone 5 LM Concept features a quad-core A6 chip, a 4.5-inch wide-screen, a 10 megapixel camera, embedded SIM card, Liquidmetal enclosure, and a virtual home button.

That’s right, the designer envisions an all-software iPhone where physical buttons are relinquished in favor of virtual commands that whisk away once you’re done using them, leaving real estate for more important things happening on-screen.

As far as the design is concerned, Apple is widely believed to have a completely reshaped iPhone for its fan base this year. The virtual button thing is not the most credible scenario, but at least the concept as a whole does seem extremely plausible, especially from a design standpoint.

Visit Brieux here for a truckload of stunning images featuring his new iPhone concept.

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