This Is Probably the Handiest iPhone Accessory You Can Buy for $99 (€75)

A thumb drive that plugs into USB drives and all iDevices

If there’s one thing even Apple fans hate about the iOS ecosystem, that is the walled garden they signed up for, with iTunes at the center and an invisible contract that states “there will be no easy way to swap files in and out.”

But all that is history thanks to the iFlash, a USB-enabled solution that acts as a bridge between your iDevice and your computer. It also doubles as an external storage unit, as well as a direct line between two iDevices.

You can use this handy pen drive to drag and drop to move pictures from a friend’s iPad onto your iPod, iPhone, etc. And it can also carry video, documents, pretty much everything.

It’s a life saver when you run out of disk space on your iPhone. Instead of deleting that 30-minute MOV capture of your pet chasing a laser dot, simply offload it to the iFlash.

Finally, with the free companion app, you get to view photos and videos directly from the storage unit. You can pick one up for $99 (€75) at the Photojojo store.

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