This Is How Apple Should Have Painted the iPhone 5

Apple’s latest smartphone looks stunningly cool in gold, purple

A company going by the name of AnoStyle is advertising a patent-pending painting technique for iDevices that will leave your eyes stuck to the photos and your jaw on the floor.

Apparently they use a similar anodization technique like the one employed by Apple to embed paint in aluminum enclosures, achieving a scratch-resistant finish which looks stunningly beautiful.

See for instance BGR’s recently painted iPhone 5. I don’t care much for gold-platted electronics, but this thing is gorgeous, to say the least.

AnoStyle’s extensive color palette lets you create a combination that's perfectly tailored to your taste. Each device is “meticulously cared for and checked over by hand.”

You can get one dyed in under a week for $249 / €190, and they also handle iPads. Unfortunately, they only ship in the States.

Looking at these beautiful paint jobs I can only guess how many more iPhones Apple would have sold this year, had they been willing to release multi-color models. I’m still baffled at their reluctance to do it.

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