This Free Mac App Teleports Your Mouse Cursor

Wormhole Mouse Warping app goes free in the Mac App Store

If you’re double-wielding displays with your OS X installation and want your mouse cursor to jump over to the other screen faster, might we point your attention to the newly-gone-free Wormhole - Mouse Warping from Tod LLC.

Wormhole - Mouse Warping is a very simple yet efficient app. It creates wormholes much like the ones predicted by Einstein to teleport your mouse cursor from one side of the screen to another. It works the same with multiple display setups.

Developer Tod explains: “Move the mouse pointer over one of the wormholes and it teleports to the other one. Reposition a wormhole by holding down Command and dragging it to a new position.”

The app used to cost $0.99/€0.89 but it’s now free. It requires OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and a 64-bit processor.

Download Wormhole - Mouse Warping (Free)

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