This App Makes You Look Beautiful

Be confident with any photo you’ve got. Apply Whiten & Smooth effects, then share

Girls, listen up! Once you’ve used PicBeauty, no one will ever tell you’re any less beautiful than Charlize Theron.

Trying to find a perfect photo for a profile picture on the go? Everything in your library sucks? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Guy or gal, everyone has a hard time finding a decent picture of themselves in the camera roll.

While apps like Camera+ and Instagram do a pretty good job at ironing out flaws, PicBeauty by Active Beans does all that without the filters - so no one can say you’ve doctored your photos.

It offers a neat ”Whiten” option to whiten teeth and skin, a ”Smooth” option to weaken wrinkles and pimples, and a ”Compare” button to view the before-after beautification effect on the spot. Just save the image to your phone or instantly share it with the world, all from within PicBeauty. Best of all, it’s free for a limited time.

Why are you still reading this? Go and grab it at the link below right now!

Download PicBeauty | Enjoy your funny life! (Free for a limited time)

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