The iPhone 6 Could Look Like This

Colorful iPhone concept inspired by the design of the iPad mini

Designer Alexander Kormishin has hit with a bunch of conceptual images of the iPhone 6 envisioning a multi-color lineup for Apple’s next generation of smartphones.

Kormishin says his design depicts the iPhone 5S, but if history bears any indication, Apple will only redesign the iPhone’s chassis when it gets to the 6 iteration.

It’s not just tradition but common sense too. The manufacturing difficulties incurred by Apple’s partners for even the slightest change in design are one noteworthy aspect. Another is the ripple effect generated by the alteration of a single component, either inside the chassis, or outside, on the outer shell.

In other words, Kormishin’s renderings actually give us an idea of what the iPhone 6 might look like.

Apple has been rumored to finally dip the iPhone into some paint. Many believed the iPhone 5 would be the first to do that. Unfortunately, Apple continues to sell the handset in just two color variations (black and white).

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