The iPhone 5 Has a “Secret” Projector – Concept

Actually two secret projectors, and it runs OS X too, as envisioned by FranSnk3d

A new iPhone concept video is doing the rounds on YouTube showing off what the iPhone 5 could’ve been, had Apple wanted projectors built inside the handset.

An iPhone 5 that not only runs iOS but OS X too, FranSnk3d’s concept puts a functional spin on the two dark stripes at the top and bottom of the iPhone 5’s rear casing.

While the real iPhone 5 uses these windows to allow radio waves to pass through to the antennas, the concept iPhone 5 envisioned by FranSnk3d uses them as a forklift for the handset to project both a keyboard and a full-size OS X display.

The concept is bold, to say the least, and there’s almost 0% chances to see this becoming a reality any time soon (not in this hardware configuration, anyway). But that won’t stop us from taking our hats off to this impressive 3D video rendition.

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