The Weather Channel iPhone App Hits Version 5.3.0 – Download Here

Improved 15-minute forecasts in Hourly view, EXPECT RAIN tab in Now screen

If aliens were to visit us today, we’d have at least one common topic of discussion – the weather. In the offset chance you're in for a third-kind encounter, you should hook yourself up with the new Weather Channel app.

The Weather Channel 5.3.0 has been released for iPhone and iPod touch, adding improved 15-minute forecasts within your Hourly view, and a flashy EXPECT RAIN tab on your Now screen.

The developers explain: “If snow, rain or thunderstorms start or change in the next 6 hours the EXPECT RAIN tab appears to let you know.”

The overall UI is cleaner now to enable faster navigation to your live radar and maps. Accessing the latest videos and local pollen levels should also be easier.

A new video player has been added “with enhanced viewing experience.” You’ll also notice improved alerts for severe weather, though you probably wish you won’t.

Download The Weather Channel for iPhone and iPod touch (Free)

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