The Weather Channel Releases New and Improved iPad App

Statewide flu levels for the U.S., improved news and video sections

Combining interactive and beautiful imagery with weather expertise, The Weather Channel for iPad gets statewide Flu levels for the U.S. reported by the CDC, an improved news section, and more.

“With over 200 meteorologists and our ultra-local TruPoint forecasting technology, The Weather Channel helps you plan the best day possible,” says The Weather Channel Interactive.

Their new iPad app – The Weather Channel for iPad 3.5.0 – delivers Flu alerts for the U.S. (reported by the CDC), a new and improved News section with more articles, breaking news, and beautiful photos, and an improved Video section with in-screen player and continuous play.

A bug causing inconsistent hourly forecast display has been fixed alongside an issue affecting Facebook and Twitter posting. The app’s size has also been reduced.

The developers are asking users to note that the animated weather backgrounds are going away, as part of their performance improvements.

“We will miss them too, but we are excited that this will mean a faster and more efficient app for you,” according to The Weather Channel Interactive.

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