The Most Shameless Copy of the iPad Has Arrived – the Mi Pad

Smartphone vendor Xiaomi shamelessly rips off Apple’s iPad mini, including the marketing

A Chinese electronics manufacturer that recently decided to expand its tablet offerings is so blatantly copying Apple that it makes any Samsung product look utterly original. The new Mi Pad borrows every key design element from the iPad mini, as well as some from the colorful iPhone 5c.

It’s really not surprising that Xiaomi is ripping off Apple. After all, they’ve been building a business model around this practice, even dressing up their CEO to look like Steve Jobs on stage. But to copy a product’s design to such extent just shows a complete lack of shame and morals.

The Mi Pad, which not only looks like the iPad but even sounds like “iPad” all except for that “M” at the beginning, actually rips off two Apple products. The second one is the iPhone 5c, with its colorful sleek plastic shell. What’s worse is that Xiaomi even went as far as to use the exact same set of colors as Apple did, and then copied the Apple web site to market the tablet using the exact same type of graphics, layout, and descriptions.

Xiaomi would easily win any Apple copycat contest at this point in time. See for yourselves at

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