The Latest iPhone 5 Issue: Green Glow

Following the purple haze (camera) issue in its footsteps

A green glow described as a plasma bleed emanating from the edges of the screen on some iPhone 5 units is the latest reported issue with the new Apple smartphone.

Experienced by some customers who were quick to post their findings on forums, the issue (reported by The Register) seems to be a minor one.

Users say it only happens for a split second, and only after they wake the phone from a long sleep.

One user said, “Whenever I wake my iPhone there is a split second where a green glow around the edge of the screen is visible. It's a bit like light leakage but its green and only appears for a fraction of a second after you turn on the screen. It is also sometimes activated by using the slide to unlock, which makes it glow brighter.”

The problem doesn’t appear to be widespread, but customers who believe they have a faulty handset are more than welcome to exchange their unit at their local Apple store, according to the Cupertino company.

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