The "Involution" of the Mac Pro

A comparison between Apple’s 2012 Mac Pro and the 2013 version

After years of begging for Apple to launch an upgraded Mac Pro machine, the company finally delivered at WWDC 2013, but the response hasn’t been very positive.

From the cylindrical design to the hardware within, all the new Mac Pro stands for is getting tarnished in the media. The thing isn’t even on store shelves yet and already people are sneezing at it.

And it seems they might be on to something. has released a shallow comparison between the 2012 Mac Pro and the 2013 iteration, and it doesn’t look too good for the newer model.

Mainly because it lacks things that creatives still use today. Such as: a Blu-ray player, a DVD burner, a video-capture interface, and some other stuff.

Then again, Apple may be onto something too. Who’s to tell how long discs will live on? Not to mention that I/O standards these days come and go. That awesome cooling system couldn’t have been possible without some compromise. Let’s hope, for Apple’s sake, that the new Mac Pro has vision.

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