The Iconfactory Slashes Price on Take Five OS X

A $0.99 / €0.89 app that automatically fades your music back in after 5 minutes

A handy utility that automatically fades your music back in after you’ve finished distracting chores, Take Five for Mac now sells for just $0.99 / €0.89 in the Mac App Store.

The Iconfactory says the tool came about as many of us often realize that our headphones are silent because we’ve forgotten to un-pause our music. Indeed, I’ve found myself in that scenario too many times to count. If you too happen to often wonder what’s missing, Take Five will answer that question for you by automatically fading your music back in.

You can set it to bring back your favorite beat at pre-set intervals (1-30 minutes), and it supports iTunes, Ecoute, Pulsar, Radium, Rdio and Spotify.

Users can click Take Five’s dock icon to pause/play anytime throughout the day, as well as instantly resume music by sliding the timer to 0 (or by clicking the album art).

You can also use keyboard shortcuts and tick an option to display track info when changing in iTunes. The Iconfactory promises a soft fade-in when audio restarts.

Download Take Five OS X

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