The Forest of Fear – Free, Scary, Addictive Running Game

Pursue the end of a nightmare that your life has become

If you’re a fan of “running” games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers, you might also enjoy taking The Forest of Fear for a spin. Unlike the aforementioned blockbusters, this one’s in 2D. But the experience is truly unique.

Developer Valery Sherstnev decided to distribute this one free of charge, which is always welcome among iOS gamers (and any gamer circles, for that matter).

As you hit Start, you take control of a “fearless” hero on a quest to pursue the end of a nightmare that his life has become. Pretty neat plot, and the gameplay isn’t too shabby either.

Your character is something of a combination between the goo balls in World of Goo and the Confessiondolls app from MediaGROE.

You collect brilliant orbs as you run across various obstacles, faster and faster. The game promises “gore, blood and violence,” though it’s rated just 9+ for infrequent/mild horror/fear themes.

Suffice to say the developer is doing his best to promote the game. We like it, so we’ll support his initiative. Go ahead and grab it at the link below. All you need is iOS 5.0.

Download The Forest of Fear for iPhone and iPad (Free)

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