The Biggest iPhone 5S/iPhone 5C Leak Yet

Aussie Sonny Dickson posts huge gallery of photos featuring new iPhone parts

Responsible for several accurate leaks in the past, Sonny Dickson from Melbourne, Australia today floods our visual sensors with a hefty dose of images showing various iPhone 5S & 5C parts, including the cases and the screens.

Dickson isn’t shy to admit he’s got the Holy Grail of leaks on his blog, and confirms that the six dozen photos in the gallery show everything from flex cables and buttons to the vibration motor and even the screens.

Basically, all that’s missing from these phones is the logic board.

“You’re looking at our most extensive iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C part leak yet, with a variety of ribbon cables and components, including the entire intact casings, vibration motor, audio jack, SIM trays, the front and rear cameras, the mounts to attach all of the components to the casing, and more. Nearly everything except the logic board – even the screens!” writes Dickson.

Without fail, the champagne/gold version of the iPhone 5S is depicted there as well and various iPhone 5C colors are also shown, including blue, red, yellow, and green.

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