The Apple Store Is Down – July 12, 2013 Update

Apple takes its web store offline internationally, new products may be in the scope

The Apple Online Store is down worldwide, in what could mark the introduction of several product upgrades, or a mere few interface tweaks. As usual, the suspense is there.

Apple usually takes down its online store for maintenance, but on a few select occasions the company also shuts down the venue to update its virtual shelves with new products.

Considering we’re right in between WWDC 2013 and an upcoming fall event dedicated to the iPhone, we probably shouldn’t get out hopes up for anything too big.

Rumor has it that Apple might be preparing a new range of MacBook Pros. If so, we can expect the company’s online store to feature the new laptops once it goes back online.

Other than that, about the only thing we can also expect to make an appearance in the store is the all-new Mac Pro, which Apple says is launching “later this year.”

Update: the store is back online with what appears to be newly-upgraded MacBooks. More on this in a separate post, coming right up.

Update #2: scrub that, they're the same MBAs announced at WWDC. Sorry for the false alarm.

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