Ten OS X Games from Aspyr Now Available for Download at 25% Off

DOOM 3 now sells for the all-time-low of $6.99/€5.99

Aspyr Media has quietly introduced a discount for ten OS X games available from the Mac App Store, bringing titles like the first-person Sci-Fi horror game Doom 3 to an all-time low of $6.99/€5.99.

It baffles me as to why Aspyr never makes these announcements official, such as via press release, or even a humble blog post. The company’s only confirmation that its games are discounted comes from the description of every game on the Mac App Store, when you actually search for one.

“Enjoy 25% off for a limited time. Search ‘Aspyr’ for more great deals and help us kick off the new year!” says the company.

To save you the trouble, the discounted games are listed below, complete with download links for bargain seekers.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

RAGE: Campaign Edition

Duke Nukem Forever

Quake 4

Company of Heroes Complete: Campaign Edition

RollerCoasterTycoon 3 Platinum

Call of Duty: Black Ops


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