Temple Run 2 iOS Updated with Easter Fun

Collect Easter artifacts and unlock aerodynamic bunny ears for your characters

Imangi Studios has released an updated version of its insanely addictive endless running game for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Temple Run 2. Version 1.9 promises to deliver “lots of chocolatey goodness.”

According to the developers, players who download Temple Run 2 version 1.9 on their iDevices will be greeted by some Easter-themed enhancements, including the ability to “collect delicious new Easter artifacts and unlock aerodynamic bunny ears for your characters.”

Every time you use a Save Me you’ll get a bonus, and if you watch a short ad, you can now get a free Save Me at the end of your run.

Last but certainly not least (especially if you care deeply about your score), Temple Run 2 gets iCloud syncing. Imangi explains: “Now all of your stats and upgrades are synced across all your devices.”

Why the studio didn’t do this a year ago baffles me, but there you have it. You can finally save your progress across devices, if you somehow decide to switch from iPhone to iPad, or if you upgrade to the iPhone 6 without a proper backup.

The game is only localized in English, and if you want to download Temple Run 2 right now, all you need is iOS 4.3. At least they don’t force a new firmware version on you, meh.

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