Teenager Robs Paraplegic Man of His iPhone

Nakiem Sanders likes to “live fast,” but apparently is not fast enough

18-year old Nakiem Sanders decided to add a second arrest to his portfolio on November 8 by stealing a paraplegic man’s iPhone in broad daylight. Williams Washington, 38, was highly dependent on his Apple device for communicating with the world.

Law-enforcement sources said Sanders was arrested for grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property after being confirmed as the person who snatched Washington’s iPhone from his wheelchair tray in a courtyard near the United Cerebral Palsy office on St. Marks Place in St. George.

The Apple smartphone was the victim’s sole form of communication, sources said. Washington is not a mute paraplegic.

Adding insult to injury, both Sanders and Washington live in the same Richmond Terrace housing development. Sanders bears a tattoo that says “live fast,” but apparently he settles for easy scores. Washington, on the other hand, is an educator, working with children with similar disabilities.

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