Tech Blogger Anand Shimpi of Anandtech Joins Apple

A day after his surprising last goodbye, the news broke: Anand will go work for Apple

The tech blogging world has never seen better written reviews and technical descriptions of products like the ones on Anandtech.

The site founded by Anand Lal Shimpi was the gold standard in covering tech down to the nitty-gritty. Anand wrote a short article yesterday about how he was ready to move on and leave tech blogging for good, while his website would continue to stay alive with the help of his former team. 

A day after his post, the news broke on Re/Code: Anand Lal Shimpi will be joining Apple. The story was confirmed by an Apple representative, but they would not disclose any information on what Shimpi will be doing inside Apple. was founded back in 1997, and over the years it has become a source for well-informed and detailed reviews for chipsets from Apple or other highly technical explanations and testing of computer components: motherboards, video cards, notebooks, Macs, smartphones, and all the new gadgets that were worth mentioning. 

After the story broke on Re/Code, Anand Shimpi posted a short, cryptic message on Twitter: "The AnandTech Mantra: Be the best first, then try to be the first. It’s the standard we all aimed for." Of course, everyone thought and replied by saying this was the Apple way, too.

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