TeamViewer Updates iOS Apps to Make Them Faster, More Stable

“Various crash fixes, improved connection speed, [and] other minor fixes”

TeamViewer’s iOS applications for remote controlling desktop computers are now faster and more reliable, according to a brief update from the German software company.

A proprietary piece of software for remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing, and file transfer between computers, TeamViewer works with pretty much every platform from Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux, to iOS, Android, and even Windows RT operating systems.

The iOS counterparts for iPhone and iPad have been updated to version 8.0.10095 which delivers “various crash fixes, improved connection speed, [and] other minor fixes and improvements.”

TeamViewer users experiencing lag in their remote computing sessions are particularly encouraged to download and install the new versions.

Download TeamViewer for Remote Control for iPhone and iPod touch (Free)

Download TeamViewer HD for Remote Control for iPad (Free)

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