Survey Says iOS 6 Customers Are Satisfied with Apple Maps

Poll conducted on a handful of people indicates that the Apple Maps problem is overblown

A survey conducted by Mike Blumenthal using the Google Consumer Surveys tool reveals that Apple’s Maps application isn’t half bad in the eye of the consumer. Around 50 percent of those polled said they haven’t been affected in any way by the switch from Google Maps.

Admittedly based on just 168 answers, the survey indicates that over half of the current Apple Maps users were not affected by its reported misbehavior.

Over 91 percent said they were “not going to jump off the Empire State Building” over the issues affecting the service sometimes, and 74% said they were satisfied or just didn’t notice any problems.

“Only 3.2% indicated that the Map App would definitely prevent them from buying another iPhone in the future,” reports Blumenthal.

Based on the results in his survey, Blumenthal concludes that “It would seem for most [iOS 6 customers] the iPhone Map App is a non issue.”

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