Sunrise Calendar Arrives on iPad

Version 2.1 is the biggest update yet, includes new week view and more

Sunrise Atelier has released the first iPad version of its cool calendar app, which also marks the biggest update the app has received since its inception on iOS.

Sunrise is now natively supported on tablets and includes a new Week view and background updates, all features that are also available on the iPhone.

The company addresses customers with an endearing message: “We've worked hard to bring the best Sunrise experience to your iPad. It's the most beautiful calendar everywhere now.” Two new views are available: Week and Month.

As far as Background Updates are concerned, the app checks for new stuff every other hour by default, “so you won't need to open Sunrise to get the latest changes.” You can tweak the intervals in the settings, of course. Download Sunrise Calendar for free and start being more productive.

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