'Steve Jobs: iChanged the World' Documentary Airs Tonight in the UK

Same one-hour special broadcast under a different name yesterday in The States

UK residents will be able to watch Channel 4′s documentary, “Steve Jobs: iChanged the World” tonight at 11:05 PM local time. The documentary aired yesterday in the US under the title “Steve Jobs – One Last Thing.”

According to UK’s Channel 4, the documentary tells “The story of the extraordinary life of one of America’s most successful innovators and entrepreneurs: from college drop-out to one of the wealthiest men in the world.”

The hour-long special features interviews with people close to Jobs, offering “an unflinching look at his difficult, controlling reputation, and offers a unique insight into what made him tick.”

The documentary also hopes to attract viewers with a never-before-broadcast interview where Jobs expounds his own philosophy of life. The late visionary can be heard offering advice on changing your life, and achieving your ambitions.

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