Steve Jobs’ Widow Launches “The Dream Is Now”

Help create a path to earned citizenship for hard-working people like yourself

Emerson Collective has partnered with Davis Guggenheim to raise awareness about the stories of numerous courageous young people looking to earn citizenship.

Steve Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell Jobs (chair of Emerson Collective), founded a national after-school program 15 years ago called College Track. The initiative helps students from underserved communities get into college, and even graduate.

And while over 20 percent of the students in the program are undocumented – which means they’re considered what people refer to as illegal aliens – the law provides no path for them to remain in the country legally.

“Through her work at Emerson Collective and College Track, Powell Jobs has worked closely with DREAMers and is committed to advancing immigration reform that includes the principles of the DREAM Act,” according to The Dream is Now website.

“There is no line in which to wait or application for legal status to complete, no matter how exemplary their behavior, how young they were when they arrived in the U.S. and no matter how valuable their potential contributions to our country,” the organization states.

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