Steve Jobs Was Not Exactly a Straight-A Student

FBI file reveals Jobs’ high-scool GPA, which is far below 4.0

Visionary genius Steve Jobs got a 2.65 GPA at Homestead High School from 1968 to 1972. That’s the big news making the rounds regarding the late Apple co-founder today.

A recently-surfaced FBI file reveals that Steve Jobs, who proved on numerous occasions that he was quite simply brilliant, only scored a 2.65 Grade Point Average (GPA) during his high-school years.

Is this surprising? No, it’s not. You can look up several other great minds on Wikipedia and learn that they were anything but studious. At least not in the way they saw it necessary to be.

Geniuses usually sidestep imposed education, which is restrictive to the artistic mind. So it’s really no mystery why Jobs, a self-pursuant of the great answers in life, saw no meaning in having some textbooks connect the dots for him.

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