Steve Jobs Used to Sit on the Floor Because No Couch Was Good Enough

“…if two things seemed almost equal, he simply couldn’t pick one”

Jamis MacNiven, a restaurant owner who knew Steve Jobs around the time the Apple co-founder was just 24, shares an interesting story about the iconic CEO.

In a telephone interview with Cultofmac, MacNiven says, “I knew Steve when he was 24. This is before he had polished his meanness into an ultra sharp, obsidian blade of cruelty.”

MacNiven had worked with Jobs on restoring the CEO’s first house in Los Gatos, right around the time Apple was becoming a company in every sense.

Jobs would drive MacNiven mad by obsessing with minor details about the restoration, such as the color of paint.

“[Jobs] had almost this Asperger’s like quality, where if two things seemed almost equal, he simply couldn’t pick one… he’d get furious at the paralysis he felt when things were not obviously superior to other things,” MacNiven says.

“There is a majesty to not cluttering your life with a lot of stuff,” MacNiven admits. “But Steve was the kind of guy who would choose to sit on the floor because there was no couch good enough,” he reveals.

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