Steam for Mac Just Got a Major Update

Greatly reduced CPU usage and power consumption, among other additions

Valve has put out a Steam update for all supported platforms delivering a ton of fixes for each individual OS, including Apple’s OS X where the gaming company notes “greatly reduced CPU usage and power consumption.”

Having been available for years on Windows and Mac, Steam 1.2 now supports Linux computers as well. But that’s not what you’re here to read, is it? You want what’s new on the Mac. Fair enough.

Valve says it has been able to “greatly” reduce processor usage and power consumption, and has tweaked the notification system to make popups respond on the first click.

Web page views no longer freeze up after clicking and dragging the mouse, and clicking the dock icon puts all of Steam’s windows in frontmost position.

Retina displays are now “partially” supported (whatever that means), and there’s a handful of bugs that got squashed (listed below, followed by the download).

- Fixed command-W and other keyboard shortcuts

- Fixed bugs with window management and the Window menu

- Fixed leaks which caused memory usage to increase over time

- Fixed bug with tooltips showing through Windows

Download Steam Client for Mac (Free)

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