Stay Away from This Angry Birds Clone

Lousy game serves ads and “free downloads” before you actually play anything

Sometimes when you download a free game, you get what you paid for. Unlike the real Angry Birds from Rovio Entertainment, this clone from developer Menno Spijkstra, Angry Spermies, is not something you want to load your device with.

Angry Spermies may have a catchy name, but that’s pretty much the only positive thing to say about it. And even that’s a stretch (pun intended).

It aims to replicate Angry Birds by putting spermies in a slingshot with some eggs serving as targets. Even my kindergarten teacher had a better explanation for “where do babies come from?”

Menno Spijkstra admits in his own game’s description that Angry Spermies is like Angry Birds. However, once you pick up this game, you’ll instantly notice that the physics engine used to create it isn’t exactly state-of-the-art.

Not to mention Angry Spermies tries to shove other apps down your throat before you even get to stretch that slingshot once. The game is chock-full of intrusive ads at every corner. Apple should know better than to approve such apps.

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