Slow Shutter Camera App Goes Free for iPhone, iPad

Take amazing photos of things in motion, achieve DSLR-like results

Ever wondered how photographers take those cool night-sky pictures with the moving stars? It takes a long-exposure setting, and yes, you can do it with your iPhone too. You’ll need a special app for that and, luckily, there’s a free one on offer for a few days.

Lucky Clan is a well-known name on the iOS developer scene. The company sells this nifty photography app called Slow Shutter which does what its name implies – captures long-exposure photos of moving objects.

Such features are usually reserved for expensive DSLRs, and while Slow Shutter won’t achieve the same high-quality results, we can all agree it’s a pretty cheap alternative.

Check out the images above to make an idea of what the app can do. It’ll take a bit of inspiration on your end to achieve results as pretty as those, but it’s doable.

Download Slow Shutter! for iPhone and iPad (Free)

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