Slow-Motion Goodness: iPhone 5 vs .50 Calibre Rifle – Video

Apple’s latest iPhone model takes a bullet to the head (camera) and one to the heart (CPU)

Apple’s iPhones are a sweet target for people with too much spare time and just as much cash on their hands, and who like to experiment with all kinds of destructive gear.

It eludes me as to why some folks enjoy taking an iPhone to microwave it, hammer it, or shoot it with a gun that can just as well take down a helicopter.

But I have to admit I’m quite taken with the slow-motion bit in the Tech Assassin’s videos. This guy at least has the decency to make his clips enjoyable to watch. Though I’m pretty sure the workers at Foxconn have a slightly different opinion about the whole deal.

Anyway, you can share your own impressions in the comments when you’re done watching the footage (if you have the heart). And yes, it’s a slow news day.

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