Skype iOS About to Get Some Major New Features

V4.2.2 brings “under-the-hood improvements that support future feature launches”

The developers behind Skype are laying the groundwork for “future feature launches” by releasing a maintenance update for iPhone and iPad customers bringing the current install version to 4.2.2.

According to the release notes accompanying Skype 4.2.2 for iOS, “This version gives us under-the-hood improvements that support future feature launches.”

In other words, expect something big from Skype in the near future. The developers aren’t disclosing much else, but their recent efforts stand as evidence that iOS has become an important platform to code for.

Thanks to some recent updates, Skype iOS users can now chat with Messenger, Hotmail and contacts by simply signing in and merging their Microsoft account.

Newcomers can now create a new account right from the app, and there’s a new option to tap and hold on instant messages to edit them. Users can also employ animated emoticons (for Retina devices) to express more with fewer words.

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