Skype for iPad 4.8 Released, Free Download

Update makes improvements to video and voice call stability

Skype users with iPads have been complaining of video/audio issues during calls, while some are constantly incurring problems with connectivity.

A fresh update is available, aiming to rid the app of all these bugs.

If you’re looking for a way to fix your Skype woes on the iPad, look no further than the latest update available in the App Store. Skype 4.8 blends a bunch of general fixes and improvements with specific tweaks to video and voice call stability over a mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

As part of the same update, users will now receive more detailed notifications in the Notification Center, and all chats will now appear in the correct order.

Skype for iPad is obviously not compatible with other iDevices (iPhone, iPod touch), so you’ll only be able to install it on a tablet. You’ll also need iOS 5 to run it.

Download Skype for iPad (Free)

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