Skype 6 Adds Retina Display Support on OS X

Also adds support for opening chats in multiple windows

Skype is out with a new version of their IM and voice chatting software for computers adding some much-needed graphical improvements for owners of Apple’s new Retina-display Macs, and several other new features and enhancements.

A cross-platform effort on behalf of Skype Communications S.a.r.l, Skype 6.0 is live for both Mac and Windows with a bunch of general enhancements, as well as some OS-specific changes.

Users now get Microsoft and Facebook account integration, IM friends on Messenger, and lots more.

Most notably, on the Macintosh front users finally get compatibility for Retina displays, as well as support to open chats in multiple windows.

The developers carefully point out to an existing bug in the Mac client that will probably get fixed in the next incremental release.

Apparently, Mountain Lion users are not able to enjoy the profile image picker as expected, with the Skype dev team noting that “recent images can't be seen and effects can't be added.” No word on when this issue will be patched.

Finally, Skype also credits the manpower used to translate the app’s interface into several new languages – all on the Skype Garage blog.

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