Siri Can’t Hold a Stick to Google Voice Search

Apple’s personal assistant is considerably slower at churning up results

Apple makes Siri sound like the best voice-powered assistant money can buy. And while Google’s marketing materials for Voice Search are less glorifying, it’s the Mountain View company that fares better in voice-powered queries, according to a filmed test.

Gizmodo took two iPhone 5 units and used them as a fight ring between Apple’s own Siri and Google’s voice-powered search ability included in the latest update.

The video does well to prove that, despite Apple’s being first to the game, it’s actually Google who better knows how to deliver. At least as far as web searches are concerned.

Google’s solution is limited in some areas where Siri isn’t. For example, you can’t use it to launch an app, or text someone, or ring someone up. But if you want to get directions, for example, Siri can’t hold a stick to Google Search. Not now, anyway.

And it’s not surprising, really. It’s the same on the Maps front, isn’t it?

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