Sending a Spreadsheet to iWeb – Apple Tutorial

Numbers ‘09 guide on sending a Numbers spreadsheet directly to an iWeb blog

Apple says if you plan to employ iWeb to create a site, you’ll be able to send a Numbers spreadsheet directly to your blog or podcast using this simple guide.

To turn the spreadsheet into an attachment that your website visitors can download, first you’ll need to make sure you have iWeb '08 or later installed, according to KB article HT3353.

After doing that, open the Numbers spreadsheet and choose Send to iWeb from the Share menu. Then choose Numbers or PDF from the submenu.

Choosing Numbers will create an archive version of your spreadsheet, password-protected and everything, if you’ve set it that way. Choosing PDF will create a PDF version of your spreadsheet.

iWeb will open automatically if it wasn’t open when you were carrying out these steps. Also worth noting is that your site’s visitors can subscribe to automatically get the latest attachments.

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