See What Your Kids Are Doing on Their iPads with iDetective

Watch remote machines running Mac OS X or Windows

Vlad Polyanskiy has announced iDetective HD for iPads, a unique monitoring application that really works, according to the developer. It’s now available in the App Store with a special introductory price of $0.99 / €0.89.

Using iDetective you can watch remote machines running Mac OS X or Windows, and protect your kids from spending too much time playing games or watching inappropriate content.

“Check whether your employees are really doing what they are supposed to be doing. See how much time you spend on work / entertainment / general web-surfing,” reads the description.

If you’re a thoughtful parent or an employer who is serious about his / her business, then iDetective HD sounds like a great asset. Visit the app’s iTunes page for the full feature set and the download. The HD version of the app only works with iPads and requires iOS 5.0.

Download iDetective for iPad

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